Viola Kostina

Author of WhY Anatomy teacher’s course

Celebrity personal yoga instructor

Guest yoga instructor at international yoga retreats

Listed in 50 best yoga instructors of Russia 

Certified specialist in fascial anatomy/ anatomy trains in motion 

Author of rehabilitaion/ recovery programms   

Globethrotter/ Citizen of the Universe

Positive vibes only

Teaching yoga is not a job. For me – it’s a way of life. 

My motto – be the better version of you every single day. 

Never stop learning. Spiritual side of yoga is a wonderful world, but you have to have a strong medical and anatomicyal base to be a good yoga yoga insctructor.

Everybody has bad days. There is nothing special about it. But much more important is how you pass through your challenges. 

I start every morning with a strong feeling that today is going to be the best day ever.

Sometimes all you really need is to let all that sh*t go and just observe the flow of life. 

I came to yoga cause I had nowhere else to go. 

Now I realize that past actually doesn’t really matter. Past is past, guys. Better ask, how yoga practice can change the quality of your life here and now. And don’t be shy to join. 

You don’t need an extra reason to smile.