Morning ZEN #1

Now. Now is my favorite word and my favourite moment, cause since I started being in this «here and now», I realized how powerful this «now» actually is. In mine «now» I’m writing this post on the height of around 8 km lost somewhere above the Atlantics on my way to teach yoga at amazing yoga retreat of my good friends. 7lemonshouse is located in a quiet  village Lajares in the heart of magical island Fuertevetura. This is going to be an absolute bliss with lots of tasty and healthy food, many smiles, surfing one of the most beautiful waves in the world and teaching yoga with breath taking views.  Anyways, I strated writing this post about now – cause by time you will be reading this post, you will be in your personal «now» and even mine «now» will be completely different. And all is just the flow of life. Interesting, huh? This blog is going to be about everything from yoga tips and answers to the questions to pics of me suring and sharing smiles with you. So, dont be shy to drop me mails if you any quesitons, I will be happy to answer all of them. Sending much love! Yours Viola.